What customer service is and when it entered in business!

Customer Services article

Customer Service is a process of interacting one-on-one between the customer and the company.

In this article, I am going to explain a little bit about the history of customer services, and how you should treat your customers with your best.

We all understand that for many decades in the past, Customer Service was vague in our business world.

The world began to witness new trends in customer service in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Before this time, customers were treated on the bases of a ‘purchase and go.’

As a customer in a shop, your contact information, feedback, or after sales-interaction was not considered necessary or essential before 1876.

However, in today’s competitive market, every information about customer counts. The stores and other businesses now value a customer as a useful and helpful partner.

Hence, customer service has become an essential tool in the hands of both manufacturing and service companies.

It is an integral part of doing business. This is why companies now value your opinion and feedback than ever before.

Customer service has become a tool of necessity for more exceptional business performance. Customers are more valued now and receive more care from those they trade with.

Customer service encompasses the totality of caring to customers to achieve total satisfaction, being attentive and sensitive to their needs, and providing them with cheerful services.

It ensures that customers are served in manners that portray positive ideals of the business.

Nothing earns a business better customer loyalty than excellent customer service. Your customers need and cherish that one-on-one interaction with a ‘real person.’

When your customers are aware that you care beyond just selling to them, they become loyal to your brand.

Customer care ensures that customers get more values than the purchases they have made. You need to understand that.

No wonder Tony Hsieh said, “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” Excellent customer service offers more value than the items the customers had purchased.

Imagine your customers are kings, and the kings deserve the royal treatment. They deserve one-on-one attention, satisfaction, and interactions.

How your customer service representatives meet, greet, and treat the customers go a long way to earn their loyalty. Treat them right, and they will keep coming back!

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