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Web Hosting Company that will Handle Your Headache

web hosting company

Over the years of experiences in digital marketing, I have tried and switched different web hosting company for my websites.

According to my past experiences, I have found the top seven web hosting companies that might fit with your budget and requirement.

I have tried to explain all of these web hosting companies’ features based on their pricings in these web hosting reviews.

The ascending or descending numbers don’t affect the quality of a web hosting company. Still, I recommend HostGator if you have a low budget, and Kinsta if you have a moderate budget. Other than you can choose whatever web hosting company meets your requirements.

Hostgator is an established and well-known web hosting company that is trusted by over 8 million hosted domains in their servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

When we imagine a web hosting company with 24/7/365 customer support, and without any downtime, HostGator comes into the mind with the top priority.

HostGator web hosting company

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a reliable and customer-friendly cheapest web hosting company, then HostGator is a good fit for you.

Features of HostGator

As an exceptional web hosting company, HostGator offers tons of great features, including the website builder, 99.9% up-time, unlimited bandwidth & storage, 45 days refund policy, excellent customer services, and more. Some of the unique features explained below.

-Reliability: HostGator is a reliable web hosting company that collaborates with big brands such as WordPress, Comodo, Ecwid, Kabbage, SiteLock, and Weebly. HostGator offers 24/7/365 support with a 99.9% uptime. If you experience a downtime below the percentage, HostGator will give you a one month credit to your account. 

-Flexibility: HostGator offers full flexibility to its users. You will get 45 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their hosting services. 

-Free Things: HostGator offers a bunch of free things, including free domain for one year and free SSL certificates. They also provide a $100 free Google and Bing ads credit for your initial PPC campaign. Free instant installable 52 scripts, free website transfer/migration, free domain transfer, free MYSQL transfer, free script transfer, a free website builder that includes over 100+ mobile-friendly templates, and an extensive image library.

-Pricing Structure: Their pricing structures are pretty fair enough. They offer four types of hosting plans, such as website builder ($3.84/month), WordPress hosting ($5.95/month), VPS hosting ($29.95/month), and dedicated hosting ($119/month). They also offer shared hosting plans that start from $2.75/month to $5.95/month.

-Unmetered Everything: HostGator offers unmetered almost everything. It offers unmetered bandwidth for its every hosting plan. It also provides unlimited sub-domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP, unlimited email aliases, unlimited autoresponders, and unlimited mail forwards.

Hosting Plans of HostGator

HostGator is an industry-leading web hosting company so that their hosting plan is quite inimitable. Let see each hosting plan in short.

-Website Builder: If you are a newbie, then you should go through this plan. This plan ($3.84/month-$9.22/month) includes easy to use features such as drag and drop site-building technology. You can create a brand new website for your business without facing any hustle.

-Shared Hosting: It is quite standard and popular hosting plan of any web hosting company that the majority choose. The shared hosting plan ($2.75/month-$5.95/month) includes excellent flexibility for the techy person. If you have a little bit of knowledge about website and web hosting, then you should go through this plan.

-WordPress Hosting: This web hosting plan ($5.95/month-$9.95/month) offers x2.5 speed for your website. If your business model is an online content sharing model(mostly blog) and requires much traffic, then you should go through this plan without any hesitation. 

-VPS Hosting: This hosting plan ($29.95/month-$49.95/month) includes an advanced hosting environment such as 2-8 GB RAM, 2-4 core CPU, 120-240 GB storage, and 1.5-3 TB bandwidth.

-Dedicated Hosting: This web hosting plan ($119/month-$149/month) includes a dedicated server to handle the massive amount of traffic on your site. The dedicated server contains 4-8 core Intel Xeon-D CPU, 8-30 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD – 1 TB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.  

Kinsta is the best and most potent WordPress web hosting company that provides high security like Fort Knox.

They run uptime checkups every 2 minutes, which means 720 times a day your site will be checking up by them. With this 24/7 instant support feature, Kinsta became an exceptional web hosting company focused only on WordPress.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a WordPress web hosting company that provides your website loading speed super fast (in a blink of an eye), then Kinsta will be your best choice.

Features of Kinsta

As a premium WordPress web hosting company, Kinsta has unique features that worth your money. Although they are quite expensive but their latest technologies always beat the industry. 

There are tons of great features available on Kinsta, a few of them I have listed below.

-High-Speed Loading: Use of the latest technology like Nginx, LXD software containers, PHP 7.4, compute-optimized VMs, and MariaDB make Kinsta unique and help to stand out from the competition. These technologies improve your site and make sure that your website can load in a blink of an eye. 

-Security Network: Kinsta has been running robots 24/7, with 720 times crawl per day for each site hosted in their server. The crawlers not only monitor for uptime but also secure sites from attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. They watch each site every two minutes to stop the DDoS attacks. They also monitor for software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls.

-Next-Generation Infrastructure: Kinsta always employs only the best technology, from their server hardware to the software they run. It entirely doesn’t matter what development stack you use; they will always have the latest framework versions installed and up to date.

-Google Cloud Platform: Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform and its 20 global data centers to be interconnected over its premium tier network. It is designed to minimize distance and hops to transport your data fast and securely. 

-Free site migrations: To Move your site to Kinsta is as simple as just contacting to the Kinsta support team. The expert migration team of Kinsta will thoroughly look after everything on your website for you. They will check everything and will assign a temporary domain to your migrated site before going live.

Hosting Plans Of Kinsta

Kinsta hosting plan

Kinsta is only the WordPress web hosting company that provides a wide range of web hosting plans. All planes include 30 days money-back guarantee as well as some great features like free unlimited necessary migrations from other hosts, Google cloud platform, 20 global location, automatic daily backups, free SSL certificates, white-labeled cache plugins, 24/7 support, and so on.

-Starter: $30/month Starter plan is best when you are just starting. The starter plan includes 1 WordPress installation, 20k visits per month, 10 GB SD storage, 50 GB free CDN, and a lot more.

-Pro: $60/month Pro plan is best for the owners of multi-sites (2). This plan includes 2 WordPress installation, 40k visits per month, 20 GB SD storage, 100 GB free CDN, and a lot more.

-Business(1-4):  $(100-400)/month Business plans are the best for those who have established businesses and have been generating high traffics per month. These plans include (5-40) WordPress installation, (100k-600k) visits per month, (30-60) GB SD storage, (200-500) GB free CDN, and a lot more. 

-Enterprise(1-4): $(600-1500)/month Enterprise plans are the best for those who have been running web agencies or have a significant amount of clients to manage. These plans include (60-150) WordPress installation, (1M-3M) visits per month, (100-250) GB SD storage, 1000 GB free CDN, and a lot more. 

You can still switch your current web hosting company even though Kinsta would be more expensive than your current web hosting company. They deserve your money because they know how to evaluate your investment.

WP Engine is the leading WordPress web hosting company, which is the new breed of the technology company. They help the brands to create remarkable websites and apps for their businesses.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for reliable architecture, unparalleled speed, scalability, and security for your sites, then WP Engine is best for you.

Features of WP Engine

WP Engine is a web hosting company that has the features to innovate and market your businesses faster. The tons of features make the WP Engine reliable. Below I have summed up a few features that matter for every business.  

-Creative Agility: You will get remarkable web experience with WP Engine. They offer the Genesis theme framework, SFTP connections and Git, dev/stage/prod environments on every site, automated backups, and WordPress core updates to the developers.

-Enterprise Performance: Your site on WP Engine will be super fast. As we know, the more loading time cause to lose more potential customers, so WP Engine enables more advancement to deal with your enterprise-level traffic.  

-Actionable Intelligence: WP Engine allows you to enhance your digital experience with actionable insights, on-site traffic, content, and performance. They offer application performance monitoring intelligence, such as New Relic, Google Analytics, and page speed tools.

-Ecosystem Integration: WP Engine offers a wide range of integrated WordPress solutions with trusted partners, including Google, Amazon, BigCommerce, New Relic, Cloudflare. 

Hosting Plans of WP Engine

wp Engine pricing

After Kinsta, WP Engine is the best web hosting company that offers three significant plans and one custom plan according to your business needs.

They offer “as you go” plan. All plans include dev/stage/prod environments, transferable sites, global CDN, and automated SSL certificates.

-Startup: $29/month startup plan includes 25k visits/month, 10 GB local storage, 50 GB bandwidth/month, and 1 site management.

-Growth: $95/month growth plan includes 100k visits/month, 20 GB local storage, 200 GB bandwidth/month, and 5 sites management.

-Scale: $241/month scale plan includes 400k visits/month, 30 GB local storage, 400 GB bandwidth/month, and 15 site management.

SiteGround is another web hosting company that runs Nginx proxy. They use powerful hardware, faster software, and protocols. Their speed-boosting solution and AI system to protect your site from malicious traffic are fantastic in one word.

siteground web hosting company

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a web hosting company that is crafted mainly for easy website management, then SiteGround is a good fit for you.

Features of SiteGround

There are hundreds of features SiteGround offers as an exceptional web hosting company. You will get a wide range of features from creating new sites to publishing to a broad audience. A few of the great features I have listed below.

-Website Building: If you are an absolute beginner in website building, then SiteGround offers a website builder that has premium support to launch your brand new website. 

-Website Transfer: They offer experts to transfer your website without facing any downtime issue. They made it easy to move a website entirely by offering a WordPress plugin, and this plugin will transfer your site automatically. 

-WordPress Management: All managed WordPress plan of SiteGround web hosting company offers WordPress installation, automated migrations, automatic upgrades, and advanced caching. 

-Collaboration Tools: These tools are made for freelancers and website building agencies. The set of collaboration tools allows users to collaborate on-site and can quickly transfer the complete site to the clients. 

Hosting Plans of SiteGround

SiteGround offers three main pricings for their hosting plan. Their pricings are quite comparable to other web hosting companies.

-StartUp: $3.95/month plan includes 1 Website, 10 GB Web Space, 10,000 visits/month, and essential features.

-GrowBig: $5.95/month plan includes unlimited Website, 20 GB Web Space, 25,000 visits/month, and essential + premium features.

-GoGeek: $9.95/month plan includes unlimited Website, 30 GB Web Space, 100,000 visits/month, and essential + premium + geeky features.

SiteGround is the only web hosting company where you can quickly build your clients’ websites so you can give it a try and grow your website building business in your ways.  

The BlueHost is a leading web hosting company that is a part of the Endurance International Group’s family of brands. Endurance is an international company and the parent company of BlueHost.

With over 750 employees, BlueHost has been surviving in the most competitive web hosting industry since 2003 and powering over 2 million websites all over the world.

Start a blog with BlueHost

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a trusted web hosting company that is already powering millions of websites, then Bluehost is best for you. 

Features of BlueHost

BlueHost has been offering great tools with excellent features. The most prominent features of Bluehost are explained shortly below.

-Domains: The domain manager of Bluehost makes it easy to purchase, track, transfer, update, and administer all of your domains in one place. The Plus and Business Pro accounts support parked domains and unlimited add-on, subdomains, and even domestic and international domains.

-Resource Protection: The advance technology of the Bluehost web hosting company detects websites using excessive resources and re-assign them to isolated systems. This technology always defends the risks associated with shared servers. 

-Scalability: Bluehost provides what your business needs to scale up. They will move your business with their powerful options.

-SSL Certificates: The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates of Bluehost web hosting company create the powerfull security bridge between the website and the website users. 

-Marketing Credits: Receive $100 and $100 in total $200 when you spend $25 on Google AdWords and $25 on Microsoft Advertising. It is excellent for the start of the initial.  

Hosting Plans of BlueHost

bluehost pricing

Bluehost web hosting company offers three major types of hosting plans, just like other web hosting companies. Their basic web hosting plan starts from $3.95/month and goes up accordingly.

-Shared Hosting: ($3.95/month to $13.95/month) plans include (1-unlimited) website, (50GB-unlimited) SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, standard to high performance, (1-unlimited) domains, (5-unlimited) parked domains, (25-unlimited) sub Domains. 

-VPS Hosting: ($19.99/month to $59.99/month) hosting plans include (2-4) cores, (30-120)GB SSD storage, (2-8)GB RAM, (1-3)TB bandwidth, (1-2) IP Address

-Dedicated Hosting: ($79.99/month to $119.99/month) hosting plans include 4 cores @ (2.3-3.3)GHz, 500GB-1TB (mirror) storage, (4-16)GB RAM, (5-15)TB bandwidth, (3-5) IP Address.

As the Bluehost web hosting company is now being controlled by the Endurance International Group’s family of brands so you can rely on Bluehost for your website.

Inmotion web hosting company makes sure that your website is fast, secure, and always online with live 24/7 customer support. The best solution for quick start one-page websites is the cost-effective feature of Inmotion.

inmotion web hosting company

Bottom Line: If you have a moderate budget for your startup, then you should go through Inmotion web hosting company. It is best for small or medium-sized businesses.

Features of Inmotion

Inmotion is a secure server web hosting company that offers a wide range of features based on their pricing. Each plan of this web hosting company includes,  

-Fast Web Hosting: The use of solid-state drives, PHP 7, and custom server caching make the Inmotion one of the best and fast web hosting companies in the industry.

-Secure Server: Inmotion offers auto-updates features so that your data will always be safe. Their web apps are all the time up to date; they provide FREE SSL, hack protection with experts, custom firewall, and DDoS protection for their users.

-Easy Set-Up: In every hosting plan, you will get a free website migration service, 1-click app installer for useful apps, and a free easy to use drag & drop website builder for new websites.

Hosting Plans of Inmotion

Inmotion pricing

Inmotion has compatible hosting plans that start from $6.99/month. You will get the flexibility in all hosting plans according to your business.

-WordPress Hosting: ($6.99/month – $19.99/month) hosting plans include free domain, (1-6) website, (20k-300k) monthly visitors, (40-160)GB SSD storage, WordPress optimized stack, unlimited email accounts, and more.

-Shared Hosting: ($6.39/month – $14.71/month) hosting plans include a free domain, (2-unlimited) websites, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free SSL, marketing tools, and more.

-VPS Hosting: ($21.04/month – $34.19/month) hosting plans allow full root access with SSH keys for total control, unmanaged commend line VPS for flexibility and power, free server management and updates, cPanel and WHM also included to manage your server.

-Dedicated Servers: ($105.66/month – $19.99/month) plans include a full range of features that couldn’t sum up in a few lines. You can visit their official site to check full features.

Inmotion is just like other web hosting companies, but its pricing are quite compatible with their offered features. So, feel free to go through if you are interested.

DreamHost is a web hosting company that has been around 20 years, hosting over 1.5 million domains with 400k+ happy customers.

They offer great features with an affordable budget that is best for the newbies. DreamHost is mainly focused on WordPress and already installed over 750k+ WordPress site.

DreamHost Web hosting company

Bottom Line: The best part of Dreamhost is, they offer 100% uptime that is not provided by any other web hosting company. So be confident to convert your current web hosting company to DreamHost if you have a downtime issue. 

Features of DreamHost

With almost 20 years of web hosting experience, DreamHost is an inimitable web hosting company with its great features.

Hosting Plans of DreamHost

DreamHost web hosting plans start from $2.95/month, which is excellent for newbies as well as for small business owners. They offer mainly three types of hosting such as,

-Shared: ($2.95/month – $5.95/month) plans include (1-unlimited) website, free domain, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, WP website builder, fast SSD storage, free SSL certificate and more

-DreamPress: ($16.95/month – $71.95/month) plans include WordPress and staging website, 100K-1M monthly visitors, 30-120 GB SSD storage, free domain, unmetered bandwidth, 1-Click Staging, SSL certificate, on-demand backups & 1-Click restore, 24/7 WordPress support, free Jetpack, and a lot more.

-VPS: ($16.95/month – $71.95/month) plans include (1-8) GB RAM, (30-240) GB SSD storage, unlimited Websites, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, unlimited email @ your domain, and more.

Best Web Hosting Company

While going through the best web hosting company: always focus on security, reliability, loading speed, SEO, and technical support.

I recommend HostGator as it is cheap and has excellent technical support. Other than you can choose Kinsta or WP engine for your WordPress website.

Happy hosting!

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