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5 Unrevealed steps of business listings you should know!

April 12, 2020 SEO
5 Unrevealed steps of business listings you should know!

Business listings are the first step for a local business to promote online. If you do it right, you can’t imagine how much lead you will get from it for your business.

In this article, I am going to share the best techniques of business listings with simple strategies.

If you have already started a business, then follow these steps to list your business correctly on business listing sites.

Steps for Business Listings

You may have found on the internet to add “NAP” while listing your business on different business listing sites!

Well, NAP is the short form of Name, Address, and Phone number. Those are basics requirements to list your business on any business listing sites.

Still, beyond them, you have to apply a few techniques properly to get more exposure of your business on the internet. It is a key factor of local SEO

1) Business Name

It is most essential to get more exposure on the internet. If your business name is unique, like Honda, KFC, Coca-Cola, and you have small budgets.  

Then remember, it will be harder to find your target customers on the internet.

At starting, no one knows about your business and the name you introduced. So all you have to do, add a descriptive keyword that defines your products/services in one or two words.

For example, your business name is “XYZ,” and no one knows about it, so how can you tell the people! It’s straightforward, go to the “keyword planner,” and find some keywords related to your business niche.

Suppose your business niche is car washing, then you can add “XYZ car wash services.” Car wash service is a keyword that has a search volume, which means people are searching for this keyword on the internet.

If you add this keyword to your business name, then you will be found by your targeted customers on those business listing sites as well as on Google search page.

2) Business Address: 

The address of your business helps the audiences of those business listing sites to reach your location.

It also improves the brand identity based on geographical location. The search engines recognize your location; therefore, whenever people search for this keyword near your location, the search engine will show your business to them. 

Use the same proper address with proper spelling on every business listing sites.

3) Business Phone Number:

You will have to share your office number on your listings. Therefore, your customers can reach you easily.

Don’t use your different numbers in different listings. Use the same number everywhere. It helps to build trust with the search engine as well as with the audiences of those business listing sites.

4) Business Descriptions: 

All the business listing sites have the option to add descriptions of your business. 

A description is a good option in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can easily optimize your targeted keywords in your business description but keep in mind keywords stuffing. Do not use keywords more than 2% of your whole words.

Add at least 200 words in your business description. Each of your business listings should include a unique description.

If you don’t have time to write again and again, then you can use a content spinner, or you can hire someone to write to maintain the quality of your descriptions.

5) Business Images:

If your business already has a logo, then it’s excellent! But if you don’t have, then design a logo for your business. 

Add geotags in your logo and few images related to your products/services and include it to your business listings. 

Add at least one image and logo. There is no required condition on business listing sites to have a business logo, but it speaks on behalf of your brand.


List your business with the proper practice that will bring you a result. 

Optimize your business name, address, and business description to get ranked for specific keywords.

You can also add the geotags in your logo, background, and product/services images to get a higher rank geographically.

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