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7 SEO as a service job to build a career in digital marketing

August 1, 2019 SEO
7 SEO as a service job to build a career in digital marketing

SEO as a service will be the next upcoming demandable business model within a few years. In digital marketing, SEO is one of the cheapest, effective, and long term marketing methods.

Almost all online businesses are running with the help of SEO, so it’s an excellent opportunity for you to build a business with SEO as a service if you can help those businesses by your SEO skills.

Below is the step by step process to build your career in SEO as a service provider.


Specializing your skills on SEO will be your lucrative decision if you can leverage it.

Everyone wants more in this competitive world. Only you, as a search engine optimizer, can get the person who wants more to their goal by ranking their businesses on top of the search results. 

You can’t even think how much a business owner spends on traditional marketing.

If you will help them to promote their businesses through SEO under almost 100 times fewer budgets than traditional marketing, can you imagine how much you will be earning? They will be crazy to buy your services.


More than 28 million small/medium businesses are operating in America, and they spend an average of $500 per month in SEO on promoting their businesses.

SEO is a long term process; therefore, there is always a trust issue that creates conflict in the business owner’s mind.

Think about if they find SEO as a service with trust, what will they do? Simply they will spend more.


In this article, I’m not going to teach you how to do SEO, teaching you how to build a career in SEO as a service is my focus point for this article. 

Building a career is not an easy process. It takes time, passion, effort, and consistency. 

So, first, you will have to be honest while doing SEO as a service. Be the master in what you do. Keep on learning SEO because SEO is not a fixed skill; it is a compelling dynamic skill. 

Doing SEO as a service means interacting with new clients with new projects and overall with new competitors.

All SEO experts know the same thing, so how you can stand out from others.  

Read different blogs, watch vlogs, and listen to podcasts and create a unique strategy. 

When you think about SEO, three things come into the mind, which is Freelancing, Blogging, and Marketing Agency. 

Since we are talking about SEO as a service, we will discuss freelancing. 

In the freelancing industry, you will have to act as a one-man army. You can also hire someone from Fiverr to build a team because there are many things to do when you consider SEO as a service.

Instead of providing complete SEO in a single service, you can offer to your clients, individual services of SEO.


The very first step of SEO is a website audit. Auditing a website for SEO is pretty simple, but the people who don’t know the language of SEO, scare to do this simple job and look for someone to do on behalf of them.

Business starts when people say, “I can’t.” Grab this opportunity and offer them your service as a website auditor.

If you already spent more than six months in the SEO field, you would be familiar with 80% of the SEO language. 

Now the question is, if you get hired, how will you perform an SEO audit?

Well, for that, you will need to have the basic knowledge of a few tools.

PageSpeed Insight (Free)
Analytics (Free)
Search Console (Free) 
SEMrush (Paid)

The first three are the best for the experts, but the last one is best for the newbies or junior SEO experts. 

Although SEMrush has advanced features but has an easy interface for those, who do SEO as a service. 

I don’t mean that an expert shouldn’t use SEMrush. If you do SEO as a service professional, then go for it!

If you talk about me, I recommend SEMrush because of its advanced features!


The second part of SEO is fixing technical issues that have previously detected during a website audit. 

Providing service of fixing technical issues would be the best choice for you to do SEO as a service.

To do so, you will not have to be a master in coding! Just familiarize yourself with it. Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and mainly PHP.

When you familiarize yourself with it, you will be able to understand the functionality of plugins, extension, and modules.

People who recently join the internet world, they don’t know about how to deal with the website, customers, and what factors matter to rank their website. Approach them to help them out if they are interested.

You can offer them your service as a technical guru. It might be possible; they are facing, page-load time issue, malware issue, site deindexing, spammy backlinks disavow, rich snippet missing, unnecessary HTTP requests, unoptimized images, and more.

Technical guru sounds like the person who has the mastery of that industry, right! Believe me, once you will get to know about the plugins, extensions, modules, and the tactics of fixing technical issues, it will spin your head. It will be a child play for you.


Let’s come on to the best and most important part of SEO as a service provider. 

If you are thinking of providing a keyword research service, then remember, only putting words in keyword planner and choosing the keywords having the highest search volume is not keyword research.

The keyword planner is actually for those who run a PPC campaign on google adword. It only gives you a rough estimation to bid any keywords. 

While doing SEO as a service, you must have some paid tools to provide satisfactory results to your clients. 

I use Ahrefs and SEMrush and no doubts; those are the industry kings, but I recommend you to use Longtail Pro because of its pricing. 

You can use an agency plan of LongTailPro with the price of the lite plan of Ahrefs. Ahrefs is too expensive than LongtailPro and SEMrush.

If you are making your mind to provide both services keyword research and website audit, then SEMrush will be suitable for you because they offer both features and more.


Meta tags are no more considering as a direct ranking signal, but it helps to boost CTR, which is the most crucial ranking factor in SEO.

Writing meta tags is an art. You will have to convey the message of a whole page in 50-60 characters as a meta title. 

On the other side, you must describe the whole topic within 150 characters as a meta description of a page. 

To measure character limits, you can use SEOMOFO.COM. 

If you have excellent writing skills, then offer your writing service to your clients as a meta tags writer.

You can earn $1-$5 per page by writing meta tags. Sounds great, right!


There is a lot of blogger and business owner who are the great writer for their website content, but they don’t know how to optimize it for the search engine. 

Here are the two ways to help them out. Either you can instruct them with step by step process how to craft an optimized content or simply craft yourself for them from the start.

While crafting SEO articles, people make silly mistakes. You can make your writing perfect with the help of Grammarly!

There are many things you will have to keep in mind while crafting content. Like keyword density, keyword placements, keyword clouds creation, supportive keywords placements, </h> tags, alt tags, internal links, and external links flow. 

You can do it yourself, but it takes too much time to measure. To make your workflow faster, you can use a paid plugin called SEOPressor.   


People are making themself aware day by day about the internet. So, every local business owner is trying to reach their customers through the web.

Some of the local businesses are already listed on Google my business, and some of them are not. You can offer your local SEO service to both of them to rank higher on the internet to get the maximum reach of their businesses. 

Ranking local businesses through local SEO is more simple than ranking through website SEO — all you will need to have, citation skills.

Citation is the main ranking factor in local SEO. You probably heard about NAP, which stands for “Name Address Phone number.” Citation is all about optimizing NAP in high authority directories. 

You should keep in mind that everywhere must be the same information while proceeding with the NAPing process.

One of the most prominent services in SEO is the backlink building. It is not an easy task to generate high-quality backlinks. It takes time and so many efforts.

That’s why people are always looking for experts to create high-quality backlinks.

You can be on top of the list of backlink experts if you follow some tips. There are plenty of methods that google suggests to create high-quality backlinks.

 Let suppose you are creating backlinks for a local business website.

You can add a website link to each of their business profiles in different directories.

The backlinks coming from related guest posts are still considering as natural.

You can write for others to build links as well as for good relationships with blog owners.

c) Infographic: 

Create stunning infographics in canva for every post of your targeted website and put an embed code sharing option.

You may offer this service for a small price because it is free, but if it doesn’t meet your clients’ needs, you can choose a premium version of canva where you can find what your clients are looking for, and you can charge accordingly to your clients.

Q&A Backlinks: Generate questions from the page for which you are trying to build links.

Sort out how many questions have been answered on this page and go to the different question-answer forums like quora.

Find there related questions and answer them shortly with a backlink pointing to that page. 

Payment Processor

Out of the US citizen, most of the time, people face payment issues. Almost every client prefers PayPal, but PayPal does not support all countries.

The countries which are not supported get in trouble always, when it comes to getting the funds from the clients.

But don’t worry! If you belong from unsupported countries, then you can still get your funds through Payoneer.com. It supports 200+ countries all over the world.

What you should and shouldn’t do

Career building is all about discipline and practicing certain activities in the repeated mood.

So never and ever compromise with your discipline and productive activities. 

Always be loyal to your clients and be organized with your work. Always set a deadline for each of your work and complete it within time.

If you fail to achieve your goal, punish yourself, and when you succeed in achieving your goal, reward yourself.

Always remember, promise what you can do. Never promise to put yourself in what you can’t do; it will take you and your reputation down. 


If you want to pursue your career in marketing, then SEO as a service should be your default option. SEO as a service will open your mind as well as it will open the path of your success.

All digital marketing method is based on the search algorithm. If you do SEO as a service, then it might be possible you would become an expert on others like PPC, SMO, SME, and CPC.

While doing SEO as a service, you should do what you can and never promise to your clients what you can’t.

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