Sell Feet Pictures: How to make money selling photos of yourself.

sell feet pictures

How weird will it be if I tell you to sell feet pictures of yourself?

No, I am serious! It’s not a kind of weird thing anymore in 2020.

In this article, I am going to explain how to make money selling photos of yourself, especially how to sell feet pics.

But wait here, there is an age restriction to sell feet pictures. You have to be over 18 for legal purposes. Along with that, also you have to be female.

Does it suck?

Ok, don’t worry if you are a male! Still, you can sell your selfies or any kind, and this article is all about that.

Selling photos online is the main topic of this article, and selling feet pictures is a kind of subtopic that I tried to cover first. 

I am going to explain about feet pictures and will give you some tips.

Similarly, I made it easy for you about the step by step process of How to make money selling photos of yourself online. 

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What are feet pictures and why it matters

Feet picture is simply a female feet photo that can be captured for special requests from the anonymous person.

It doesn’t matter to everyone, but it matters for millions of people, including foot fetish, beauty lovers, art lovers, marketers, jewelry business owners, Shoe companies, and more. 

Pros and cons

Selling photos online is a kind of business, so every industry has its pros and cons.

Before starting a business like this, I would recommend you to have a look at the pros and cons of selling photos online, including feet pictures.

Pros to sell feet pictures (Or any kinds)

There are many pros of selling photos online, but I tried to cover the most common and prominent benefits of online photo selling business.

Personal development: 

When you capture your photos, you can see yourself how you look. You can feel what needs to improve your personality.

So capturing your selfies, again and again, makes you more confident.

Especially when you shoot your feet pictures, you become more hygienic, neat, and clean.

Passive income:

Photography is a leading industry in the digital world. Every SaaS company, as well as other leading companies, are always in need of photographs for their marketing campaign.

If your photos fill their needs, you can build a passive income funnel.

Selling feet pictures is another case. Some people are foot fetish, and some just love feet pictures to decorate on their bedroom walls.

They are all willing to pay you $10-$50 for your single feet picture.

Work from home:

Most of the females prefer to work from home, so this kind of business is best for them.

You can make your home as a studio to shoot your portrait, and run your photo selling business by working from home.

Cons to sell feet pictures

You can sell feet pictures all over the world, but it has some drawbacks. If you can overcome it, you can dominate this industry.

Requires beautiful feet:

No matter what your intensity is to sell feet pictures, you must need gorgeous feet.

It’s a showbiz industry, so if you don’t have beautiful feet, then why would the business owner be interested in endorsing you to represent their products.

Possibilities to be scammed:

There are so many foot fetishists who can take your photos without paying you, so I recommend you to be a professional and always interact with professionals like marketers or business owners.

Restricted for some countries:

Some countries, especially Islamic countries, condemn the showbiz industry. So if you are in an Islamic state, then you may have the restriction, but still, as long as it is modest, you can run this business internationally, and 100% legally.

Five Tips to Sell Feet Pictures

Selling feet picture is safe as long as you can keep it safe. If you think of doing it for fun, then no tips and suggestions are required, carry on as you want. But, if you’re going to do real business by selling your photographs, then in this section you will find some useful tips.

1) Take care of yourself:

It doesn’t matter who you are, either male or female, you have to take care of yourself to create an impactful image for this industry. In this case, females are always in by default mood. They keep themself fit and tidy.

Males should think of themself as a model and always keep themself fit and good looking from the start.

Develop your dressing sense and always have a good haircut that fits your personality.

To sell feet pictures, females should pedicure regularly to keep their feet beautiful.

2) Know who your customers are:

Not everyone is going to buy your pictures, so you have to figure out who your customers are.

If you try to sell feet pictures to the wristwatch company, then it will not work. You should present the right offer in front of the right customers.

Other than you can target a group of customers and ask them for their requirements.

Divide your customers into various sectors like corporate level customers,

marketing agencies, ad agencies, small companies, stock libraries, and more.

To narrow down your target customers, first, decide what your goal of business is.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years, I mean do you want to run an agency, or you want to carry on your freelance photography business.

Based on the resources and the capabilities you have, target a particular group of customers.

If you have beautiful feet, then you can target foot fetish(last option), shoe companies, jewelry companies, beauty salon, beauty products (like nail polish), and more.

Similarly, if you are a traveler, then you can target different hotels, event managers, amusement parks, travel agencies, transport companies, and more.

3) Be the best version of yourself:

You are the model of your targeted customers, so always be the best version of yourself.

Never underestimate the size of the business you are targeting because all you need in this industry is exposures of your images as much as possible.

Always be nice to all of your customers.

When you communicate physically live with your customers, they can see your body language, can hear your tone of voice; overall, they can feel your intensity.

But, when you communicate online via text chat, they can only see your writing, so improve your writing skills to communicate in a better way.

Good writing instantly gets you accepted in your proposals and leaves a good impression about you.

4) Avoid feet fetish:

I don’t know why people like feet, but yeah selling feet pictures is a million-dollar industry just like the porn industry.

Although different people use feet pictures differently, as I mentioned in the previous section, the feet fetish is some kind of extravagant.

It’s entirely your choice whether you want to deal with feet fetish or not.

I recommend you to avoid those people if you are a modest girl and prefer modesty, because they may ask you the pictures of the other parts of your body.

5) Always Learn what works:

Now, you have a complete business mindset, so you have to learn what works and what doesn’t in your industry.

Gradually do a little research about market trends. Know what is the current situation of the world, and how you can capture the best moments that click the emotions of your target audience.

Learn some digital marketing skills and how to convince someone.

Always be in the know of your customers’ needs and try to give your 100% whatever you offer.

Five Steps of How to make money selling photos of yourself

Now it’s time to take the practical steps to make real money. In the previous section, I explained the facts of the photo-selling business, some tricks, and tips. In this section, I am going to tell the step by step process of how to make money selling photos of yourself.

Lets see some steps to get into photography.

1) Take a short course on photography:

Everyone is a photographer nowadays who has a smartphone, but when it comes to professionalism, it takes something more.

Only capturing photos is not the end of the photo shooting process; you need to edit them in the right way.

To do so, you need tools and the skills to use them, and that’s why the short course comes into taking place.

But don’t worry at all, if you have an internet connection then you can learn photography for free.

2) Prepare your camera and equipment:

It’s an essential part of photography to get the best result out of your photoshoot.  

Make sure you have chosen a comfortable and best result camera. 

Arrange all of your photography equipment such as camera tripod, prime lens, lighting equipment, chroma-key, and so on.

3) Set up your social media accounts:

Create your profile on a different social media website, especially on Instagram. 

Be active and share your portrait regularly so that you can build an audience.

As much as you can build followers, your portfolio will be strong.

Most of the time, your followers will be converted into your paying clients. So make sure you will be caring for your followers.

Create a Facebook fan page and invite all of your Fb friends to like your page. Learn a little bit from youtube about how to optimize the Facebook fan page for search engines.

Post different stories and snapshots from your real-life regularly on the Facebook page so that your audience can interact with you.

If you are a pro photographer, then you can share some tutorials on your fan page. It will help you to build credibility in your industry.

4) Taking your best shots:

Best shots depend on various criteria. If you are not a pro-level editor, then you have to focus on natural assets.

Learn how to leverage natural lighting, how to set a perfect background, how to shoot outdoor photos, and so on.

Especially when you capture your feet ‘picture to sell, you should pedicure your feet and understand the requirements of your clients so that you can capture them accordingly.

5) Platforms to sell your photos:

There are so many opportunities to sell photographs online, but below I have listed the top three platforms to sell your feet pictures as well as your outdoor snapshots.

Freelance websites:

You can join different freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, and so on. Set up your profile and upload your portfolio with your best work. Showcase your best skills there and offer your services according to the clients available on the platform.

Social Media:

When you share your portrait and different snapshots on your social media account as well as your Facebook fan page, your followers will comment on your content. Reply to each comment to engage with your followers so that whenever your followers will be in need of photographs, they will come to you.

You can also create a YouTube channel so that you can promote yourself in video format. You can upload tutorials about fashion and beauty, run ads about your photography business and so on.

Stock Libraries:

You can sell your best photos on different stock libraries like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, iStock, and so on. Go there and register yourself and an image author and submit your best photos. When they accept your photos, you will get paid for each download of your images.


Selling feet pictures or any kind is a business model that can be run from your home yourself. 

This article is all about how to make money selling photos of yourself, either it is your feet picture, selfie, or any kind; you can build a passive income funnel through simple steps. 

The first step of this journey is taking a short course on photography for your initial practices.

Then the second step is, you will have to understand who your customers are and how you can represent yourself so that they can buy your pictures.

Prepare your camera and the required gadgets so that you will not have any issues during your photoshoots.

Set up your social media accounts and be active by sharing the snapshots of your day to day life.

Don’t forget to showcase your portfolio images in your social media profiles.

Join different freelancing platforms as well as various stock libraries so that you can offer your best work to get paid.

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