How to promote blog posts with the 7 best blogging strategies

promote blog post

One of the essential sectors of blogging is to promote blog posts so that your readers can find what you craft.

Wait, let me ask you something!

★ Are you a newbie in the blogging industry?

★ Are you one of those who are hustling for years to promote their blog posts?

★ Are you an established blogger and want to polish your skills to promote blog posts more efficiently?

These are the questions from my side, and if you are one of them, then this article is going to help you out in your promotional activities.

In this article, I have covered the top seven results-proven strategies in blogging to promote blog posts.

These blogging strategies should be applied from the start when you decide to start a blog.

7 blogging strategies to promote blog posts

Before diving into each approach, I would like to recommend you to optimize your blog posts properly.

If you make your blog posts SEO friendly properly, then the chance of getting more exposures of your posts will be increased by the search engines.

Strategy#1: Social Shares

To promote a blog post, people should consider social shares as the number one strategy. It is easy and most effective.

Social signals make search engines understand how popular your content is and give your content ranks accordingly.

To get more social shares, you should create high-quality content consistently.

After creating and publishing your every high-quality content, make sure social share buttons are active for this content.

If you are a WordPress user, then you can leverage a wp plugin called social snap to engage your audience on social media.

Social Snap wp plugin:- 

It is one of the most powerful plugins for blogging sites. It has excellent features, including auto-posting on social media. 

You can track and optimize your best customers, readers, and overall visitors to get the most out of them.

It has inimitable features like open graph and twitter card option. 

Some other features of “Social Snap” are old posts auto-posting to social media and advanced statistics functionality.

How to promote blog posts

After setting up all the things mentioned above, now it’s time to promote your blog posts to social media yourself first.

Initially, you may not have an audience, so that you will have to promote it yourself.

Go to different social media like Facebook and take a look at their content-sharing policies.

It’s essential to avoid being banned in their community.

Now share your posts according to their terms.

If you are on Facebook, then join different popular groups in your niche and start participating in various activities.

Must follow 80/20 rules when you post anything on any social media channel.

Make sure you are giving your audience an 80% value with 20% promotional materials.

Strategy#2: Content Curation

Nowadays, content curation becomes more popular than before, just because of Pinterest, Medium, and Quora.

There are tones of content curation sites available out there like above that I’ve mentioned.

You can create different individual content for those sites targeting your blog post, or you can curate your posts there.

It is one of the best and free methods to promote blog posts.

If you have graphic designing skills, then you can create different funny memes relating to your blog posts. 

Also, you can create an infographic of each post on your blog.

Then publish these materials to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

I highly recommend you sticking yourself with the “Medium” platform so that you will get double benefits.

Once you share a post on, you will build credibility with an existing audience of that platform.

Another benefit of Medium is, your posts will be easily ranked on search engines. So, the search engine traffic will automatically reach to your blog content via

You can get tones of traffic without hustling using a link roundup strategy.

All you will need to do is add the “Brocken Link Checker” extension in your chrome browser and visit a similar niche site.

Run the extension on relevant blog posts of your target sites and check how many resource backlinks are appearing as broken links.

See if any broken resource backlink can take place with your published content, then reach out to the blog owner and request them to replace the resource link with your post link.

That easy way you can build free backlinks as well as free traffic.

Strategy#4: Blog Commenting

Another high engaging promotional strategy is blog commenting.

It is not considering a ranking signal to the search engines, but still, blogs commenting is using to promote blog posts.

You can easily generate traffic through blog commenting.

Go different niche blogging sites and comment on various relevant blog posts.

Never use any keyword in the place of your name. Not show your self a spammy bot. Communicate with your best and responsive communication skills in every comment. 

Strategy#5: Guest Posting

The authentic way to build your domain authority, credibility, and free traffic is guest blogging.

Guest blogging has never been easy, but once you developed your skills, it will be easy to promote your blog posts.

Make a list of your targeted blogs and do some research on them.

Check a few things like their domain authority, their spam score, their monthly visitors, and so on.

You can also check from where they are generating their traffic using SEMrush tools so that you can offer them accordingly.

Reach out every quality blog owner and suggest them a few blog post title that you can write on.

It’s natural to be rejected in guest blogging, but be patient and see the response from the blog owners.

Once they approved your post title, craft the entire content for them, and must add your targeted blog post link.

Strategy#6: Email Outreach

I highly suggest you first building an email list ethically using ConvertKit or SendInBlue, then reach out to your audience through email.

Never scrap email from the internet. It might help to promote any products but never works to promote blog posts.

Create a landing page or insert an opt-in form on every post then drive traffic from social media.

Evoke your customers to subscribe to your newsletter using different landing pages, opt-in forms, popups, and exit-intent. 

Target to build at least 1000 subscribers within two months so that you can start promoting your blog posts through the newsletter.

Although, you can send newsletters from the start to your customs having a single customer in your email list.

Craft your email copy carefully so that the conversion rate will increase.

Schedule everything in autopilot mode using ConvtKit so that you can handle the other tasks of your blog.

Strategy#7: PushEngage

If you are already generating a few traffic, then this is the time to get your visited customer back to your blog.

PushEngage is a tool that allows your visitors to subscribe for the notification of any update on your blog.

It allows 2000 free subscribers so that you can easily and automatically push a notification to the browsers of your subscribers every time about your new posts.


If you are still hustling to promote blog posts, then the first strategy you should follow is social shares. 

Once you start getting traffic, then apply other strategies like content curation, link roundup, blog commenting, guest blogging, email outreaching, and sending push notifications using PushEngage.

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