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Optimizing meta tags in an effective way that will increase CTR

April 21, 2020 SEO
Optimizing meta tags in an effective way that will increase CTR

Meta tags are an essential part of a web page. 

Now, these are not helping the search engine directly anymore, but it helps indirectly to boost your website ranking.

If you are planning to optimize meta tags to push your site up overnight, then, believe me, it does not work anymore.

To know the exact funda of crafting meta tags for good SEO, read this article till the end.

We consider the meta title and meta description as the meta tags. The meta title is the title that represents a web page on a google search result while the meta description describes that page in short.

How to Write Meta Title: 

Writing a meta title is just not like describing the whole topic in a single line; it is much more than you think. 

A standard meta title contains 70 characters with space that can be easily fetched in the google search result, but the optimal characters of a title should be between 50-60 characters.

While writing the meta title, you will have to keep in mind your targeted meta keyword that must be adequately implemented at the beginning of the title that makes sense.

Add a call to action in your meta title, which means convince your visitors to do something. It should be at the beginning, or the middle, or the end of the meta title. 

After all, the meta title should convey the message of the page in a single line. 

How to Write Meta Description: 

The meta description is the most powerful tool that can convert a potential visitor of Google to your targeted audience. 

A standard meta description contains 155 characters with space. It contains convincing materials that convince people to visit your site. 

After watching a title appearing on the google search result, smart people immediately see the below description of the title. 

When the description meets their searching needs, they click on your title and visit your site. 

The first 50 characters of the meta description should contain your targeted meta keywords. Meta keywords must be implemented in an arranged manner. 

Don’t put the keywords only on the description. Decorate the meta keyword with describing words that make sense. 

You can use relevant keyword cloud to support your main targeted meta keyword in your meta description.

Describe the whole page within the character limits. Never write the description over the borders. Create immediate suspense that makes the people curious to click on your title.

Never Add These Things in Your Meta Tags: 

Never add the date in meta description until your post or page is about any event. 

People always looking for the fresh and latest content. It’s human psychology. When you add the date, it will seem like an older page after a few months of publishing the page/post.

Instead of adding the publishing date, you can add the last update date in your meta tags.

Never add a call to action in meta description like visit now, call now. It consumes the space of the meta description uselessly.

What Not to Do:

If you do SEO as a service, then be careful! First, take your time to understand your client’s audiences because meta tags should be crafted for the audience. The targeted audience is your priority and the second priority is the search engine. Never compromise your meta tags for the meta keywords.  

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