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Marketing internship: know the 9 things before getting hired!

April 10, 2020 Marketing
Marketing internship: know the 9 things before getting hired!

A marketing internship can get you to your desired position in your marketing career, so be tricky to choose the right firm and know the nine things before getting hired by any marketing firm.

Have you taken any marketing course or got your MBA degree and still don’t know where and how to start your career? This situation evokes you to take a marketing internship from any reputed marketing firm.

In this article, you are going to learn how to leverage opportunities from the marketing firm by knowing the nine things below.

1) How to use different marketing tools!

Marketing tools are the weapon that helps to fight with competitors, so it is essential to learn how to use various marketing tools to implement different marketing strategies.

Here is the list of the most commonly used marketing tools that you should learn about the basics, at least before starting your marketing internship program.


WebMaster tool is mostly used to monitor the website issues. There are different webmaster tools of various search engines used by different marketers.

You should learn the basics like how to add a website to the webmaster, how to configure website errors, keyword rank position and so on before applying for a marketing internship.

It will help you to understand the advanced features used by the expert in your team.


Different Analytics is commonly used to monitor the visitors of a site. Just have the necessary knowledge about how it works.

Google AdWord: 

To run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, you will need to use the Google AdWord platform. PPC is one kind of ads campaign that helps to get initial traffic to the website.

To use Google AdWord, you will be needed to learn a little bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media:

Today, social media is everything in terms of marketing. Without a social media campaign, you can’t imagine marketing, so learn a little bit about different social media platforms, and it’s used and obviously how it’s ads campaign works. 


Email marketing is an essential part of digital marketing, so when it comes to an email campaign, MailChimp comes into taking place. It’s free, so you can easily make yourself familiar with it.

You will also learn about different email marketing platforms like GetResponse, AWeber, ConvertKit, and more in your marketing internship journey.


Marketing campaign requires different graphics, and canva is one of the free and easy to use platform that enhances creativity.

You should learn a little bit about how to design various marketing banners.

2) What your goal is

The first thing about this journey is to select the aim of this internship. This goal must be practical; to be honest, you are not going to be an expert in 3 or 6 or 12 months internship journey.

So, fixing the intention to learn everything in your internship journey is kind of a joke with your marketing career.

Now let see step by step how you can choose your goal of marketing internship.

Divide the marketing sectors: 

You can divide the marketing industry into many segments, such as digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Both marketings can be divided again into many sections like digital marketing can be divided into content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and more. So, research a little bit on the internet and divide it into as many sectors as you can.  

Pick one or two sectors to specialise:

Pick the industries that interest you and decide to specialize in it.

A marketer can learn every area of marketing but can’t be an expert in every sector, so that know the truth and go with one or two industries like a pro.

Choose the marketing firm accordingly:

Find the firms based on the sectors you’ve chosen.

There are different marketing firms focus on specific areas like some marketing firms are specialized in SEO, some are in PPC, some are in email marketing, some are in social media marketing, and so on.

List out the marketing firms separately and apply for a marketing internship.

Stick your goal out to the end:

Once you have a purpose, you should be stick with it to the end of your marketing internship journey.

Many intuitions will arise during your internship to switch your marketing sectors, but you should carry on with the selected segments.

If you see the potential, then just have the knowledge and later decide what to do.

3) What your potential is

Never jump into the sea without knowing how to swim. The internship is all about using theories to apply practically.

So, at least learn the basics before going to take the marketing internship program.

When you enter a marketing internship program, everyone else there all seniors from you in terms of knowledge and experiences.

So, it depends on your potential how you can leverage from the lucrative environments.

Passion for learning:

The only thing that can give your marketing internship journey the right direction is your passion for learning.

Passionate people can do anything for their passion, so if learning is not your passion, then make it!

Because, without passion, you can’t afford the hard work during your internship.

Love what you do:

If you are not passionate about the work that you want to do, then love the work that you do, it will become your passion one day.

The internship is not employment, so that nobody will care about you and your work.

The only person who will care about you is you. So love your work yourself and be positive with it.

4) How long you can bear the bundles

As I told you, nobody is going to care about you and your work, so be the humble bull behind your boss as well as other senior employees.

They will give you useless tasks to test your patience and capabilities. Never be bored by the boredom and always try to handle their assignments patiently.

Never shy to make coffees:

Learn how to make coffees so that you can serve your boss. LOL! It’s not necessary, but if you can put an impression on the entire team, then they will likely accept you to train more comfortably.

I told about coffees because of every firm have this feature for their employees.

Never shy to be a helper:

Be humble and make the entire team comfortable to order you any task. It helps you to be accepted to all members so that if you can’t understand your job, then you can switch to another person to learn as much as possible.

5) How to ask question

Discovery comes from questioning in the right direction. You must know how to ask questions in the right way so that your conflict mind will get the right path.

Here are the three simple steps to ask something to someone.

Organise your questions:

When you ask something to someone, it’s compulsory that the person who is asked can understand what you ask. Always organize all of your questions in your mind before shooting it to the others. Prioritize your question like what questions you should ask first and what in last.

Know your purpose:

You should know the intent of your questions so that when the team member misunderstand your question, you can make them understand your queries. Sometimes people can understand by the situation and the intensity of the queries.

Be to the point:

Nobody likes pointless talk, so always be in the track and speak with points. Grab their attention to you by asking full of organized related questions and keep them on the track being in the points.

6) Little drops of water make the ocean

Every small task maters during your marketing internship. Once you will be habituated with trivial tasks and will be practicing consistently, the significant assignments will automatically come to you, and you will be able to handle this easily.

Know how to do repeatedly:

Doing the same thing repeatedly takes mental effort. You need to be mentally healthy before taking the marketing internship program. Train your brain to face mental struggles.

No-one is going to torture you, but it’s essential to know the fact of what is going to happen.

Never jump:

People make mistakes by jumping over big tasks at the start. If you have proper experience and knowledge, then you can take the risk.

Still, if you only have overconfidence as you can do everything without having an adequate understanding of it, then just be calm and see how others handle these tasks.

7) How to socialize

Social skill is most important in this digital age. If you are an introvert, then overcome it before starting your marketing internship journey.

You will have to communicate with others in terms of getting help and helping others. Talk to everyone whenever you get the opportunities.

Must observe before talking, whether they are interested in talking to you or not. 

Be polite and humble: 

Everyone loves the lovely personality, so shape your speaking language before the journey. Always adopt requesting manner instead of ordering. Be polite and humble when you question someone senior.

Always ready to help:

It doesn’t matter who is in need of help; just go ahead and help them. Helping is a part of learning.

When you help someone, you will learn the same thing in a new way even sometimes you will learn new things from those who are helped.

Build interest:

A marketing internship is a journey full of enjoyment and exciting activities, so develop your sense of humor and build interest in you so that people will attract and socialize with you.

8) how to be confident

Under confident people can’t achieve anything in any way. So, be confident where it needs and show your body language that you can do with your best whatever the task you take.

It helps to build trust in your team on you. If you are confident, then you will get more tasks then others, and more assignments will help you to learn more.

Show enthusiasm:

Enthusiastic people release positive vibes from their inner side, and that vibes attract positive people. Always try to be charged up so that your team will feel great to work with you on the marketing internship journey.

Do some extra:

First, complete the task you get and then try to add some extra value as an option so that if the additional value doesn’t work, then they can skip.

Always be suggestive, but remember the humbleness because your bosses are all seniors and know everything better than you. Sometimes some loopholes arise, you will have to identify and make your team noticed. 

9) How to maintain discipline

Discipline is everything in terms of success in the marketing internship journey. Marketing doesn’t take superintelligence, but it takes discipline, consistency, and knowledge.

Many marketers failed in the past who knew everything in marketing, but they couldn’t maintain the discipline. 

Come on time:

Morning time is the best time of learning because, in the morning, everyone has a fresh mood, so always come on time in the morning till the last day of your marketing internship journey.

Do on time:

Whatever the task is, try to complete before the deadline at any cost every time. Remember, you are an intern of their firm, so don’t think about how they treat just focus on your tasks and learn from it.


If you are going to take a marketing internship, then you must know about the nine things that will help you to leverage the opportunities during your internship journey.

It’s essential to have a marketing internship goal like what exactly you should learn during the journey.

Marketing internship is a learning process, and it depends on your potential, like how fast and how much you can learn. The next thing you must know about how to question someone politely.

Questioning can increase the chances of learning advance things from experts. So, always ask questions and be ready to work on it. Never underestimate the little works as it will become the source of your success. Make yourself socialize, confident, and disciplined to have a great journey of marketing internship. 

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