Host a website: Tips for the best experience!


Wait, let me ask you something, are you still hustling to host a website?

Don’t you know how to host a website with a reliable web hosting company?


are you worried about how to host a website that runs smoothly?

Well, if you have those questions in your mind, then this article is crafted for you.


To host a website, you will be needed a domain name and a reliable web hosting company

A domain name is a unique identity for your website, and a web hosting company is a host of your website data such as files, images, texts, and more.

In this article, you are going to learn the step by step process of exactly how you can host your website in a reliable web hosting company yourself.

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Choosing a Domain Name

The first step of website hosting is giving a name to your website. To do so, you will need a domain to register for your website.

Register your domain from any domain registrar, but remember a few things such as domain name should be short and memorable.

Although, all the short names are already registered so that you should be creative to choose a unique name.

If your domain name would be your industry related, then it will be a plus point in terms of SEO. Don’t be worried if you are not familiar with SEO; you can concern with the people who do provide SEO as a service.

It would be best if you go through the “.com” extension. Although there are thousands of domains with other extensions are successful, but the “.com” extension is standard and use for the international brands. 

Choosing a web hosting company

Well, when it comes to choosing one of the best and reliable web hosting, you must check these.


Cost to host a website should be fair enough, just like HostGator. The pricing structure must meet your budget. Focus for the long term and never forget to see the renewal prices. Fix your target market and plan a budget to host your website. 

-Site Security: 

To host a website securely is never easy until you pay for this. A company website is like an open book, whoever wants, can access any time. 

So, the data of the users on your site must be secure. From my point of view, there is not a single company like Kinsta can provide web security, and that’s why they are a little bit expensive.

-Loading Speed: 

As fast as your website will load, you will generate more leads. Make sure your host provides a high-speed server to host a web site. 

Kinsta again comes in to take place when we talk about website loading speed. Kinsta guarantees that your site will load in a blink of an eye.

-Technical Support: 

This is an essential part of the hosting provider you should check. Technical support is necessary for newbies as well as for experts. Most of the web hosting companies have a lack of support team.

The in-house support team must require to host a website professionally. The expertise of the support team will affect the uptime of your site. 

Kinsta monitors each website 720 times daily for uptimes and security. 

-Company Reputation: 

There are thousands of web hosting providers on the market. Some of them are parent host, and some of them are resellers. 

Always go through a reputed web host like HostGator, Kinsta, BlueHost, and WP Engine.

Most of the country base resellers are just like seasonal birds. Two, three, or five years later, these types of resellers will disappear from the market, and that time you will face many hurdles. 

So, to avoid these kinds of headaches, you should choose a reputed web host.

Selecting the right hosting plan

Now it’s time to decide which hosting plan is suitable for you. Different web hosting service providers offer different pricing structures to host a website.

If you are going to host a website that is brand new and doesn’t generate traffic at all, then the HostGator would be best for you because it starts from only $2.75/month that is great for the start I think.

Other than if you already have a website that generates traffic and you want to convert it to the pro level, or you have a healthy business plan that will start boosting your traffic within a month just after starting, then Kinsta would be best for you that starts from $30/month. 

-Shared Hosting: 

A well known and best usages plan to host a website is a shared web hosting plan. 

Most of the small businesses or small blogs use this hosting plan. In this plan, the hosting providers host multiple clients’ websites in a single server on a sharing basis.

-WordPress Hosting:  

20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which means WordPress is the most powerful platform in the world.

If you are one of them interested in the WordPress content management system, then going through WordPress Hosting to host a website would be your best choice. Again Kinsta is the best to host a WordPress website. 

-VPS Hosting:  

You can choose this plan if you already have a website and need to be upgraded. Choose Virtual Private Server (VPS) when your site gets 100k-500k traffic/month. 

If you are a blogger and host multiple blogs to provide guest blogging services, then this hosting plan is a good fit for you. 

-Dedicated Hosting: 

This hosting plan is for websites that have a massive amount of traffic. 

Other than if you are a corporate level business and run heavy software on the server, then this plan is the best. 

Changing Domain Name Server (DNS)

Although the HostGator offers a free domain and free SSL certificate for their every hosting plan, if you have already chosen another hosting provider, then follow this to set up your domain name with a free SSL certificate.

Go to Cloudflare and register an account with a free plan then follow the steps there to add your site. 

Once you did, your site will have a free SSL certificate.

Uploading Your Website

After going through all the steps above, now it’s time to upload your site. No worries; if you are planning to host an HTML site or PHP site or any other website, upload it accordingly. You can concern the professional to avoid major issues.

Installing WordPress (Optional)

As I told you before that 20% of all websites use WordPress, so I assumed that you are going to host your website with WordPress.

Other than you can skip this step!

Using your cPanel, install WordPress in your domain. Purchase a theme or use the free one from the WordPress library.

Install different useful plugins such as contact form7 for communication, Yoast for SEO, Google maps API plugins for local SEO purposes (if you have a local business), and more.

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Syed Brothers
Syed Brothers
10 months ago

This really helped explain a lot things.I learned a lot of useful tips thanks for sharing….

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