11 CRM Tools to build & manage the relationship from ground up

CRM Tools
CRM Tools

CRM tools come into taking place to manage the customers’ relationship.

In this CRM tools resource page, I have listed one of my top recommended CRM tools, freshworks, and the top 10 individual CRM tools to build and manage customer relationships from the ground up.

The complete CRM solution like Freshworks, Salesforce, Zoho, Nimble, Nethunt CRM, Nutshell CRM, Insightly, Adsoup, Engagebay, Pipeline Deals, and monday.com are the best and has their unique role in the industry.

But, on this page, you will find a robust list of specific CRM tools for particular tasks.

I have already tested all the CRM tools, and I thoroughly recommend you to use them.

I have been using most of the CRM tools that are listed below.

1) FreshWorks

freshworks CRM Tools

Freshworks provides a complete solution for customer relationship management in one place. It is one of the most common operational CRM tools that I recommend you to run a company successfully.

2) BlueHost

bluehost CRM Tools

BlueHost is a part of CRM tools. It is a web hosting company that hosts websites and helps to attract customers through the website. It connects online customers with your business by hosting your own web based CRM applications.

3) LeadPages

LeadPages CRM Tools

LeadPages uses to generate leads from your targeted customers. If you don’t want to go through the whole setup of your website, then LeadPages can be the best alternative.

4) Shopify

Shopify CRM Tools

If you are targeting your online customers to sell your products, then Shopify would be one of the best CRM tools. It is a trending eCommerce platform that enhances the opportunity of eCommerce success.

5) SEMrush

semrush CRM Tools

SEMrush is one of the most potent analytical CRM tools. It helps to understand the customers’ behaviors and provides the information to generate more new customers.

6) SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow CRM Tools

It is an online survey tool that allows a company to understand the pain points of customers. It is one of the excellent survey CRM tools that helps to interact with existing customers.

7) ConvertKit

ConvertKit CRM Tools

It is a powerful email marketing tool that allows us to grow our email list. ConvertKit is one of the industry-leading email CRM tools that helps to convert your potential customers into paying customers.

8) LiveChat

LiveChat CRM Tools

It is a 360-degree customer service tool that automates your tasks and fuels the sales. It allows connecting with your customers to grow your business.

9) SocialPilot

Social Pilot CRM Tools

SocialPilot is one of the top-notch social CRM tools that is trusted and recommended by the top marketers like Neil Patel. It helps to automate all of your social activities to connect with your customers.

10) EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar CRM Tools

In this digital age, connecting with the customers through different webinars is an essential part of customer relationship management, so that the EasyWebinar CRM tool comes into taking place.

11) Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout CRM Tools

If you want to connect and nurture your customers on the go, then podcast CRM is the best solution for your business. BuzzSprout is one of the best podcast CRM tools in the market.

A few questions that may have in your mind

When you click on the “View More” button or on the icon of the particular brand, it will take you to the official page of that brand. Please read their terms and conditions properly before using their services because I have no control over their site.

I have listed those CRM tools in one place to provide easy access to different resources to my readers. These are the tools that require a business from the beginning.

Yes, because these are the industry-leading CRM tools. I have already tested all the appliances and personally use most of them.

Simple, all you need to do is go to their official website by clicking on the “View More” button and start leveraging the benefits.

As I mentioned, those are the industry-leading CRM tools, so they know the value of your money. Their Price is affordable and their inimitable features worth your money