5 Steps to find junior copywriter jobs

Copywriter Jobs

Well, are you looking for junior copywriter jobs? If yes, then this article is absolutely for you. 

In this article, I am going to explain how you can land your copywriting projects after completing the five simple steps.

But before that, let’s see first why you are looking for a junior position in the copywriting industry.

Copywriting is all about delivering brand messages to the target audience. So, if you think that it needs a whole lot more experience and language skills to get freelance copywriter jobs, then you probably have the wrong perception.

In the copywriting industry, all you need to do is building your business profile and then pitching to the right person.

At this moment, you don’t have what you need to get pro copywriter jobs, that’s why you are looking for junior copywriter jobs.

Follow these five steps to get junior copywriter jobs. In the future, it will help you to become a pro copywriter.  

1) Register yourself on a freelance website

There are tones of freelance sites that offer copywriting services to their clients.

All you need to do is, go and register yourself on these platforms. You can register on multiple sites, but I recommend you to go with any suitable website that matches your comfort zone.

The top trending freelancing platform is Fiverr, so you can join to leverage most out of it.

2) Take an advance course from the professional

If you watched a few videos on youtube and claiming yourself that you are a copywriter, then it’s not going to work.

You will have to take a professional course from udemy, or you can learn from Fiverr professionals.

Learn everything about copywriting like what it means copywriting, how to research professionally, how to deal with clients, how to deal with art directors, how to understand the brand voice, etc.

3) Reach out to the successful copywriters

Now, it’s time to reach the successful copywriters to build a network with them.

It is an essential part of your journey because they will help you to bring new clients.

Go to the top industry-leading copywriters’ profile and check them what they do.

Find loopholes if they exist and then add some value to them for free. Reach to them by cold emailing and ask them to take help from you for free.

If they have blogs, then write for them and take the content links as references and showcase them in your profile. 

4) Build a portfolio

You don’t need to build a website portfolio in starting to attract clients.

You can simply use a google doc to create your portfolio. This portfolio would be kind of a resume, nothing more. Feature your achievements like the citation that the pro copywriters gave you.

5) Reach out to your paying clients

All the essential things you have done, now it’s time to reach the paying clients.

Find newly created business websites and then send the site owners cold emails.

Add some value about how you will be useful for them. Research on their sales page and offer them a free service like if it works, then they will pay.

Show them the citation you have got from the top-notch copywriters. 


Finding junior copywriter jobs is as difficult as finding employment in the other industry.

You don’t need to be an expert to get initial copywriting gigs. All you can do is, create a profile on any freelance website then take a professional course on copywriting.

Take help from successful copywriters and build your portfolio. Once you did right, reach the potential clients and offer them your copywriting services.

Initially, you will be rejected, but that’s absolutely fine and normal. Later you will be accepted to be highly paid.

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