7 Blogging niches and the process to choose the right one!

Blogging Niches

Picking a blogging niche is one of the most crucial steps when you just start a blog.

So, are you stuck while choosing the best blogging niche?

Don’t worry!

This article will help you to choose the best blogging niche from the top 7 profitable blogging niche.

Before exploring the blog niche list, let’s learn how to choose a blog niche.

Before Picking Blogging Niche

Every blogger must have a goal to blog, so, decide the purpose of your blogging to find blog niche.

Without a goal, you can’t take your blogging journey in the right direction.

After deciding your goal, go through these steps below, so that you can come up with your own blog niche ideas.   

Your knowledge:- 

I don’t know what you are, so find yourself your best interest, or you can call it your expertise in what you can write persistently for a long.

Research blogging niche:- 

If you found your interest-based any niche to blog, then do some research on it. Use SEMrush tools to find your blogging niche competitions and their content gap.


 Every blogger has to contribute to the other blogs in order to promote their own blog content.

See if the industry in you are about to enter is broad enough so that when you outreach to the blog owners of the industry for guest blogging, it will be readily accepted.

Otherwise, you will have to pay in terms of creating high-quality content as well as for getting accepted the content to the blog owners.

Scaling Possibilities:-

You should select a blogging niche that can quickly scale up. 

I know blogging is a slow process to get the result, but once you start getting results, it must be scaled up soon after.

Top 7 Blogging niches 

Bellow, I have listed the most profitable blog niches that make money. 

These are the popular blog niches and have moderate competitions so that you can quickly enter into one of these industries. 

With a reasonable effort, you can scale up your blogging career with these blogging niche.

I highly recommend you to narrow down your selected niche as much as you can.

1) Health Niche

One of the most popular and competitive industries is the health industry. 

Due to its competitiveness, you can enter one of its sub-niches like fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding, exercise, and more.

2) Travel Niche

If you are fond of traveling, then this blogging niche is suitable for you.

There are many ways to blog with the travel niche. You can pick one of its sub-topics like you can choose the picnic spots to blog, traditional places to blog, restaurant review, and so on.

The additional benefit of this blogging niche is that you will be offered free vacations from the resorts’ owners, restaurants’ owners, and from the so many other sponsors.

3) Fashion Niche

This blogging niche is perfect for fashion lovers, as well as for those who have a good sense of fashion.

You can guide your audience on how to dress up on different occasions such as how to dress up on a casual party, how to dress up on a wedding ceremony, how to dress up on cocktail, what to wear and what not to wear, etc.

4) Parenting Niche

Parenting has become one of the most learning subjects in this digital age. So, if you are a father or a mother, then you can easily enter into this niche.

You can blog to teach about how to treat kids, how to look after kids, skills improvement techniques of children, and many more.

5) Blogging Itself Niche

If you already have blogging experience in any niche, then you can enter into this blogging niche and start guiding other bloggers.

In this niche, you will be needed some technical skills as well as some experience, so if you are absolutely fresher, then you should avoid this niche.

6) Tech Niche

If you are an expert on web designing, software development, hardware, internet, or any other technical field, then this tech blogging niche is for you.

You will have to have depth knowledge in what you will speak about, other than you will be required excellent researching skills.

7) Marketing Niche

Marketing is one of the most popular and competitive blog niches ever. So, if you choose this niche, then prepare yourself to train the trainers.

Marketers already may know what you know; that’s why if you are thinking of copying other marketers’ ideas and publish on your blog then, it is not going to work. 


If you are not sure what to write for your blog, then this article will help you out to find your blogging niche.

First thing first, you will have set a goal for your achievement.

After deciding your goal, simply follow your passion with some initial research, or you can build your interest in what the industry required.

I put the last three niche to the last because of its competitiveness and the required skills.

If you think you have technical skills or you have a great interest in it, then choose one of the last three niches otherwise pick a niche from the first five niches.

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