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Get part time online jobs from 87 best freelance jobs websites

April 22, 2020 Freelancing
Get part time online jobs from 87 best freelance jobs websites

You can get freelance jobs no matter what your skill level is. From the top 87 freelance websites, you can get part time online jobs to build passive income. 

In this article, I am going to discuss what is freelance and the step by step process of how to start a freelance career and the key points to overcome the crowds. 

Also, the top 87 freelance websites with their best features will be shared with you so that you can decide what platform is suitable for you.

What is Freelance?

The meaning of freelance is self-employment, not easy employment. 

First, you should understand in depth of difference between self-employment and easy employment. 

When you do any job in any XYZ company, you probably follow one or two bosses’ instructions but, when you do freelancing, you have to follow one boss for each project, and it’s not as easy as you think. 

It takes more skills than you have. The funny side of the freelance industry is, some people even don’t have any ability, but they jump into this industry. 

As a result, they only get frustration. I don’t discourage you, and I don’t mean that people without having any skills can’t do freelancing. 

You can start a freelancing career by distributing flyers only, but when it comes to grabbing the clients, you will need to have other skills. 

Other skills mean you must have communication skills with convincing power. If you have a little bit of technological knowledge, marketing skills, and writing skills, then it would be a plus point to succeed in freelancing career. 

When you do an easy job like a watchman, you don’t require such a skill set. I hope you understood this section about what is freelance with the example of self-employment and easy employment.  

Process of starting a freelance career:

As many people are becoming smarter as the world is being filled with great opportunities. In another way, the 21st century is a century of competition.

No doubt, people are being smarter but becoming lazy as well. That’s the reason without understanding exactly what is freelance, a folk of lazy people is entering in the freelance industry unexpectedly. 

They think it’s a part-time, full enjoyable job, although it is, but not for everyone. 

They are just wasting their own time and confusing the clients as well, and unexpectedly increasing the competition of this freelance industry. 

Required Skill Sets:  

When you clear your mind, it’s time to gain primary skills that will serve your clients to make money. 

The skill should not be once in a blue moon. Skills that knows everyone, you should adopt, but the way you will provide your service should be exceptional. 

You might have pre-gained skills such as writing, speaking, coding, designing, editing, consulting, etc. Just make sure the skills you have are good enough to serve your clients. 

But if you don’t have any skills or the skills you have are not good enough to serve, then simply research what skills are in trend and how easy for you to adopt.

The question is, how you can determine that the skills you have are good enough, and if not, how you can research.

Well, there are many ways to research. You can search on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit about what are the trending freelancing skills to learn. 

Communicate with different freelancers by joining different communities to determine what skills will work best for you. 

Freelance jobs Websites:

I have separately listed all the freelance websites for different freelancers like writers, developers, designers, virtual assistants, marketers, photographers, and video editors.

According to my past experiences, the best platform is fiverr.com for beginners as well as experts. Fiverr offers a simple policy for freelancers and clients as well. 

There are plenty of great features available in Fiverr, such as purchasing gigs options, extras, Fiverr pro, etc. It’s an excellent platform for the initial start. Otherwise, you can join upwork.com or freelancers.com. 

Although there is massive competition on those platforms and also have great clients. You can find 87 popular freelance websites in this article, but from my point of view, those three are the best. Just go there and set up your profile. 

Fiverr Logo20%YesView
freelancer logo10%YesView
People per hour20%YesView
FlexJobs logoDependsN/AView
GoLance logo10%YesView
indeed logoFreeN/AView
servicescape logo50%N/AView
truelancer Logo10%YesView
glass doorFreeN/AView

VA FreelanceFeesPayoneerURL
Assistant Match logoDependsN/AView
Belay LogoDependsN/AView
Boldly logoDependsN/AView
task rabbit15%YesView
skipthedrive logoN/AN/AView
remote logoN/AN/AView
amazon mechanical turk logo20%YesView

Coding FreelanceFeesPayoneerURL
codeable logo17.5%YesView
youteam logoDependsN/AView
10X Management15%YesView
Top CoderDependsYesView

Writing FreelanceFeesPayoneerURL
Freelance Writing GigsFreeN/AView
Blogging Pro JobsFreeN/AView
Freelance WritingDependsN/AView
Media BistroDependsN/AView
constantcontent logo35%N/AView
writeraccess logoDependsN/AView
Self Publishing SchoolDependsN/AView
online writing jobsDependsN/AView

Marketing FreelanceFeesPayoneerURL
Acadium LogoDependsN/AView
company logo10%N/AView
virtual employeeDependsYesView
hubstaff talentFreeN/AView
Ziprecruiter for WebFreeN/AView
clutch logoDependsN/AView
Virtual VocationsDependsN/AView
talent cupboard logo15%N/AView

Designing FreelanceFeesPayoneerURL
behance logo blackFreeN/AView
aw logoDependsN/AView
logo studio30%YesView
cs logoFreeYesView

Creative Jobs CentralFreeN/AView
Get Photography JobsDependsN/AView
Cruise Ship JobsFreeN/AView
Rocket PhotoDependsN/AView
Getty Image logoDependsYesView

Video EditingFeesPayoneerURL
twine logo20%YesView
mandy logoDependsN/AView

Key points to overcome the crowds:

Whatever skills you have chosen for freelancing, you will need to have SEO skills. To compete with others, you must require this skill. 

Although, you can do SEO as a service in the freelancing industry. Additionally, there are a few things below to remember.

Be consistent: Download the freelancing app of the platform you have chosen from the app store to be responsive. Login daily and forsake the habit of french leaving. 

Don’t be in a Hurry: Take your time to be calm while sending a proposal to your client. Having writing skill is compulsory for every freelancer. 

Convincing a client is an art, and you may know that the first impression is the last impression. 

In the beginning, you don’t have any client’s review that may convince your other clients, so you will have to focus on your proposals entirely. 

Be organized: Most of the freelancers do freelancing by fits and starts. It’s not compulsory to be organized, but it definitely will help you to grow. 

When you get an order, there is a feature on Fiverr that you can note down on the order page about your client’s requirement.

List some additional points of how your clients can be happy with your services, and overall you can create a road map from getting the order to deliver.

Never & Ever: Never turn-down your orders until your client orders you mistakenly. Whether the reason for canceling the order is your overloading of the work or not, they consider you are not able to work.

There is a big difference in psychology between “not available” and “not able”. If the order placed, your target should be completed the order by you or hire someone else to do.

Time Management for Freelancing

In freelancing, time is a big issue for beginners. Here I mean for the beginner is the freelancers who have not established themselves yet. 

If you are trying to enter in the freelance industry, then you will have to focus on that as a full-time business. 

Although you are an expert on specific skills and your focus is part-time freelancing. But, you will have to give time as much as possible to establish your profile initially.

5 Ways to get freelance jobs

Honestly speaking, getting freelance jobs is a kind of a child play if you go through the right path. 

I saw many people confusing themselves when they start the first time freelancing.

In the beginning, they think freelance jobs will knock their door while they are sleeping on the bed, and in the end, they realize that they don’t even get a single project in a month.

Freelancing is not like creating profiles on freelance websites and leaving it for rest. You will have to fight to get freelance jobs. It doesn’t mean that fighting to get freelance jobs is struggling for a lifetime.

Here is the list of five most effective and best ways to get freelance jobs, so that it will be a child play for you to get freelance jobs.

1) Creating a Personal Brand: 

Freelancing growth depends on trust. People hire people when they feel confident about that hire-able person, and as we know, confidence comes from trust. 

So, build trust by creating your personal brand. Share your expertise everywhere and let the people recognize you. 

You can create a Facebook fan page, twitter account, YouTube channel to influence others by your skills. Focus on only your brand awareness while running the campaign. Never ask to be hired. It will damage your image.

When people starting getting to know you, your chances will increase to get hired.

2) Tie up with your local clients:

Going to your local clients one by one may make you feel awkward, but don’t worry, just go and offer your pitches. 

Now the question is, how will you find them? 


Join different business communities, attend various events, participate in different activities, and announce there your best skills. 

3) Collaborating with others:

Collaboration is an excellent option for freelancers to get freelance jobs. Meet freelancers who do SEO as a service and build a relationship with them. 

Offer them that you are willing to write guest posts for them in order to get links back to your freelancing profile. 

They will get free content, and you will get free targeted clients.

4) Empowering LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. I highly recommend you to join this lucrative platform to leverage your potential clients. 

Getting freelance jobs from LinkedIn is super easy because all your connections over there are highly professionals. 

Professional persons neither waste their time nor others by annoying them.

All you need to have is in-depth knowledge about what you do: create stunning images with your industry quotes and publish them on your profile regularly.

Add at least ten professionals daily in your connection. Always be a part of their events like wish their birthdays, congratulate them on their recent achievements, appreciate them on what they do.

When they find you active, they will think before hiring rather than you.

5) Leveraging the Facebook audience: 

Today’s trending social media platform is Facebook. It is a platform where all kinds of people available. 

You can find your potential clients there, not because of a broad audience but it’s exceptional features.

Although it has a strict user policy, you can still leverage it.

There are hundreds of thousands of niche groups that are already created. Join different groups related to your category and be active there regularly. 

Ask related questions there, and answer different questions asked by the other members.

Build a strong relationship with other members and try to help them out from their problems. 

Never put your freelancing profile link again and again on Facebook to get freelance jobs. Otherwise, Facebook will ban you soon. 


You can take freelance jobs from the top 87 freelance jobs website easily if you go in the right direction.

First, you will have to understand what exactly freelance is. Because with the illusion of easy jobs, you can’t go very far. 

Freelancing takes patience, dedication, and consistency.

Choose any one of the 87 freelance job websites and start exploring. If you don’t have any skills to freelance, then you should adopt any one of the trending skills to serve your freelance clients. 

Know how to overcome the crowd and how you can manage your time to freelance.

Create a strategy to grab clients and be consistent so that you can achieve your goal automatically without giving yourself frictions.

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