Hello, my name is M Mahmood, abbreviated as Muhammad Mahmood.

On this page, you will find all about me from my personal life to my career.

I am from a middle-class background, so I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I had to work hard for my living.

This is the story page of my life, and I have tried to explain some incidents of my life. I hope this story will give you an idea of who I really am.

I was born on 11th April 1997. The internet was already invented, but I found it in 2010.

Although the period from 1997-2010 was remarkable because I didn’t have any hurdles in my life.

I had a great time with my father. He was very kind and supportive. His supports and love made me feel that he was the greatest father in the world.

Father's Death:

My great hero died in 2011. That was the starting point of my hurdles.
We are two brothers, and I am the younger one.

After my father’s death, we both started working at a different shop. He worked at a furniture shop for a few months and later he joined with my uncle.

I started working at a chemist shop as a part-time job. I carried out my studies at the same time.


During the five years of my and my brother’s hard work, my family succeeded in coming back to the previous position – but not the same as it was with my father.

I had completed my 10th standard in 2016, and in 2019, I had completed my 12th standard with a one-year study gap.

I had a great interest in pursuing my studies, but at the same time, I had different interests such as online income, and so on.

My Brother's Business:

After three years of working at a different shop, I joined my brother’s business in 2013. He is an elevator manufacturer and installer. He has a company in Karachi city.

During these three years, I had already dealt with a lot of customers as a shop representative.

At the same time, I used to use different social media. My first Facebook profile was created in March 2010. It was only my amusement platform, but later I realized that I could leverage it in my way to improve my skillset.

I started learning so many different things. I first came to know about Youtube from Facebook in 2012.

That was the turning point of my life. I discover youtube (came to know about it) not as an entertaining platform but as a tutorial hub.

I watched 5-6 hours of tutorials daily, and the fun part of it that I found later that I could also watch movies on Youtube.

I started learning how to market and sell something as I was a shopkeeper by profession at that time.

Gradually I started building my interest in business, so at the time I joined my brother’s company, I had already fertilized my ground with digital marketing.

But still, I was not taking advantage of digital marketing.

I started helping my brother in different ways. I am good at mathematics, so I found myself in a good position in my brother’s company.

I started helping my brother to calculate materials’ prices before bidding any projects, to communicate with clients through emails, to operate all the official tasks, and so on.

In 2015, I launched my brother’s official site, and within one year, the site successfully ranked for top keywords in its industry.

The company started getting leads from that site, and I started building confidence in the digital marketing field.

I decided to build my career in digital marketing. After completing my 10th standard, I thought of joining a marketing institute to learn more about marketing. I also wanted to announce my career officially.

I joined an institute for a three-month digital marketing course, but when I saw the teacher teaching me the outdated techniques, I left the institute within two months.


In 2016, I had enough knowledge of marketing to serve others, so I decided to start freelancing as a side business.

I created my profile at Fiverr and started building clients that were paying me enough. The problems began when I was being overloaded with tasks. I was getting stuck and overwhelmed, so that sooner I realized that it is going to give me frustration.

I could leave my brother’s company and could start freelancing as a full-time business, but I didn’t.

Freelancing, it sounds like time free job, whenever you like you do work and whenever you don’t like simply you don’t do work.

Is it really true?

Obviously, not at all!

Meeting deadlines is the essential and most crucial part of the freelancing career. The reason behind my top rated seller account banding is I couldn’t deliver my 113 pending orders on time in a week.

At that time, Fiverr had a policy that if a seller failed to deliver on time and if it exceeds three days, then the order will automatically be canceled.

Although after nine-month of banding my account, they gave me my pending funds but not my top-rated seller account.

Working with local companies:

I worked with different local businesses to rank them on google local search page. I had ranked hundreds of local business pages on google.

I had a great and fun time working for local SEO.

It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed that was coming towards me when my local business client shows their happiness to see their business detail on the first page of Google.

I enjoyed a lot working with my local clients.


The site www.mmahmood.com was officially launched as a blog on 1st February 2020. It is the blog where I share my thought and the fact about the customer relationship that will probably help you in your situation.

I have registered my domain on 18th July 2019; since then, I thought about what should be published on this blog. I was a little bit confused that should I post purely marketing-related articles or should I post a complete customer relationship based articles.

Finally, I had decided to post all about digital customer relationship growth and management.  

I love what I do and care about what the customers love.

If you want to discover what your customers love, THEN JOIN ME!