4 Types of customer service that every business should know!

Types of customer services

Different businesses adopt different types of customer service techniques. In this article, I am going to explain the most common and popular four types of customer services.

Do you know that you can turn your customers into your advert agents and save money? You will get to know how to achieve that in this post effectively. 

You will be carried through a process of how to treat your customers’ rights by using the best four types of customer service systems. In this way, you can win more customers and enjoy higher customer loyalty. 

When you treat your customers well, they take your business as their business. 

Getting to know the different types of customer services will help you to understand how to use them to your business advantage. 

Your customers can help you to spread the good news about your products and services. 

Types of customer service

You must understand how to analyze, evaluate, and treat customers and meet their needs. 

The purpose of different types of customer service is to satisfy customers’ needs. 

Providing your customers with the ultimate satisfaction is not magical; it is instead a result of combinations of useful customer service tools. 

The four main customer service methods are Live Chat Support, Ticket Support, Call Support, and Email Support. 

Each type has a different target to deploy differently to achieve higher customer service purposes.

Live Chat Support 

It is an innovation added to a website to provide instant help to prospective or current customers on the page. 

In most cases, a visitor to a website uses the Live Chat option to get quick help and instant answer. 

It is a useful tool if used effectively to win new customers and retain current customers. It can be achieved by providing prompt with valuable help to their queries by ‘real-person,’ not a robot. 

There are many benefits of a Live Chat, such as instant answers to prospective or current customers’ queries, getting instant price quotes, get immediate assistance on order processing, and solving other problems. 

A responsive live Chat service enhances loyalty to a brand or product.

Ticket Support 

It allows interaction between the support teams and customers. A customer initiates the ticket by reporting the issue(s) or problems requiring the help of the support team. 

Then a representative of the support team interacts with the customer over the issue raised in the ticket.

Usually, the response time to a ticket should not be more than 6 hours. 

Ticket support helps customers to have access to quick solutions to problems and get answers to customers’ queries. It also enhances an efficient and speedy problem resolution. 

This method more satisfies a customer who is looking for technical support. 

When customers interact with a technical person, they likely more trust in the company to resolve their issues.

Email Support 

It is one of the most popular and overly used communication channels that does not require the customer and customer service agents to be present online at the same time. 

An email message can emerge from the company to a customer to pass the information on specific issues like confirmation of receipt of order, the status of an order, introducing a new product or other matters.

A customer can also initiate an email message to the support team. It may be used for requesting information on a product or assistance to solve a problem. 

Unlike live chat, Email support can carry additional larger files such as images, photos, and attachments. 

Call Support 

It is one of the fastest and effective customer service initiatives that allows a customer to place a telephone call to a designated number(s) of a company to interact with a support team representative. 

This system helps customers to get instant answers to their inquiries and solutions to their problems. 

Some companies have 1, 2, 3, or more designated numbers for call support.

The benefits of Call support systems include one-on-one interactions with customers, solving customers’ problems in real-time, providing useful helps on order placement, and information on payments—a great Call support system as a tool for Customer service ginger higher customer loyalty.


The four types of customer service can boost your loyal customers. You can use the live chat support system on your website so that the website visitors will get instant help.

If you have built a massive audience on your online platform, then you can also use the supporting ticket system so that your audience will not lose their patience on their issues.

Email support is a standard type of customer service that every business must use. You will not need to set up a team for these types of customer service. You can handle yourself by checking your inbox regularly.

The rarest and useful type of customer service is call-support because it’s a bit expensive system. A well-mannered call support representative will be required in your system so that your customers can interact one-on-one.

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